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Inga Ford Soapmaker

Dry Clay Masks



Clay masks for anytime your skin needs a boost.  Ideal as a once a week treatment for exfoliation, pore tightening & absorbing excess oil and the dirt in it.  Perfect if you regularly wear makeup

All Natural!  Our clay mask is a powder that needs to be mixed with water.  By not mixing it for you we can avoid the preservatives and emulsifiers required for wet mud masks.  Full instructions included.  Fragrance free & preservative free.

Pink clay contains Australian pink clay, white kaolin clay, chamomile and rose.  Our pink clay blend is more suitable for normal to dry, sensitive or aging skin as it does not remove as much oil.

Green clay contains olive green clay, argelitz green clay, white kaolin clay, chamomile, lavender and kawakawa.  Our green clay blend is better at clearing up excess oils than the pink blend so is better suited to oilier skin.

Made in Dunedin, NZ