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Kandle Co.

Kandle Co Soy Melts - various


Handmade right here in Christchurch by Kandle Co with 100% soy wax. 

Pick your favourite fragrance or mix them up a little!

Melts are so easy to use and no water is required. You simply place a melt on the top of your oil burner, light a tea-light underneath and as the melt liquifies, let the beautiful aroma fill the room. Once the tea-light is extinguished the melt will solidify and can be used again, they last up to 25 hours!

Please Note: If you would like an assortment of melts, please write your choice in the comments box when checking out...


Autumn Rain

Caramel Latte

Coconut Lime

Oriental Moon

Pink Lychee and Tea

Spiced Pear

Summer Melon

White Bloom

Woodland (pine)