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LilyBee Wrap

LilyBee Wraps - Set of 3



These Beeswax wraps are your perfect, eco-friendly reusable food wrap.  Perfect for keeping food fresh, adding colour to your kitchen, and reducing plastic - win, win, win! 

1 x Small Beeswax Wrap - 20cm x 20cm

1 x Medium Beeswax Wrap - 30cm x 30cm

1 x Large Beeswax Wrap - 40cm x 40cm

Made from cotton infused with our beeswax solution, makes for an easy and fun to use alternative to plastic wrap. Perfect for kids lunches, sandwiches, veggies, fruit, to cover bowls, and any thing else you can think of. Great for in the fridge and out. Easy to clean.  Wash with cool water and detergent.  Use again and again.