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Lone Star Rub & Rib - Gift Box


Limited Edition Rub & Rib Box, so he can make the most amazing Ribs at home!

For the first time in 30 years New Zealand's legendary Lone Star restaurants have bottled up their iconic Orange and Sesame Lone Star Rib Sauce. It's goes perfectly with the Raptor Rubs, and we are so stoked to be able to bring you this special Gift Box so you can give it to your Dad so he can have a little Lone Star and Raptor magic at home.  Raptor Rubs are crafted in New Zealand from quality local ingredients.


- World Famous Lone Star Rib Sauce 

- Jar of Raptor Naturals Cowboy Steak Jar

- Jar of Raptor Naturals Blazing Tex-Mex Rub 

- Jar of Raptor Naturals 5 Spice BBQ Pork Rub