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Mr & Mrs Fragrance

Mr & Mrs Fragrance - Niki


Black & Gold - Musk
Black & Pink - Jasmine
Black - Black Tea
Glitter Pink - Silky Rose
Glitter Gold - Gold Wood
Silver - Fresh Air
Blue - Equalibrium
Pearly White - Citrus & Musk

Niki is the perfect travelling companion. Niki is trendy, outgoing and smells nice. Niki enjoys watching the world from your car. 

Niki releases its fragrance when it is in contact with the air vent of the car.

It can fit in all types of cars, thanks to the universal clip and comes with a scented EVA refill which gradually releases the fragrance.

It is decorated with high-finished soft touch, metallic and chrome-plate varnish.

The refill lasts over 30 days and releases an intense yet subtle fragrance.

Once it is finished, it can be replaced with one of the 10 fragrances available.

Made in Italy and fragrances are alcohol-free.