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LilyBee Wrap

Lilybee - Cheese Bags



We call this one our beeswax cheese bag, because we sized it to fit a standard 1 kg block of cheese, but it's so much more versatile than that!

Perfect for keeping your favorite breads and pastries fresh, or cradling your more delicate fruits and veges - berries, avocados, mushrooms and much more.  

Size:   20 cm wide x 11 cm deep x 20 cm tall

Beeswax bags do some of their best work in your fridge, allowing your food to breathe while protecting it at the same time, keeping it fresher and tastier for longer.  

Just pinch the top edges together and fold down to seal and protect your food.

Handmade from 100% cotton complete with our secret LilyBee beeswax recipe to ensure exceptional quality and durability. 

How to use: It's easy! Just seal the bag using the flap and the warmth of your hands. 

Care instructions: Wipe down and wash with cool water and dish detergent after use, rinse well, air dry and reuse again and again. Keep out of direct sunlight.  

As always with our beeswax wrap products, avoid heat - no microwaves, dishwashers or hot water - and do not use on raw meat.