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Starburst Lights



A striking lighting effect, very popular in window displays, above trees and tables, and in the room corners. 

The Starburst comes in a compact kraft box, with either the battery case or mains adapter.

To display or use, simply take the unit out of the box, hold the case/adapter firmly, and straighten out each strand.

The quickest way to get it all splayed evenly is to work with one strand at a time, twisting the LEDs one a a time.

Start with the LED closest to the centre and work your way out to the ends. Keep hold of the centre case or adapter the whole time. 


Powered by 4x AA Batteries

Remote controlled multi-function

Copper or silver wire

50 strands, each 20m long with two warm white LED seed lights

Diameter is 40cm



SAA Adapter with 5m lead - makes window displays easier :)

Copper or silver wire

40 strands, each 22.5cm long with three warm white LED seed lights

Diameter is 45cm